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Coolum Library Display


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Coolum State High School Workshops

Coolum State High School Workshops- generously supported by RADF funding






install - onsite - Coolum

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Floating Land 2011- work in progress - Elizabeth

In my project of "Warning Bells," while employing the medium of irresponsibly overused plastic water bottles, I feel we should warn & be warned about the rapacious sale of our national water resources to other countries."

Floating Land 2011 - work in progress - Wendy

Shoes have many cultural symbolic references: to journeys, individuality, fertility, and to making a transition in life’s journey both physically and spiritually.
This work is about the politicizing of “land” and “water”, two elements of the Earth, and how they become a social and environmental issue and political “football”.
Whether through immigration or as a result of climate change and consequent rising sea levels, increasing population will affect our cultures, and our use of water in all its forms,(drinking and bathing water, water to play in and on etc). The landscape is changing and will continue to do so: decreasing forests due to population increases in turn affect the earth’s natural water cycles.
These red shoes, imbued with text and drawings relating to housing and water levels, are fragile: connected by threads, to past lives and future plans. They will not last, nor take you far. They are as fragile as the earth we stand on, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Floating Land 2011 - work in progress- Corrie

Surge is intended to be a series of experiences, the urge to action.
The work surge tracks another part of the story of water one that considers ‘water culture’; cultures that are synonymous with our behaviours. A healthy debate about bottled water is a common factor, but does it really change how we behave?
Further information & research regarding surge can be found at
+ two screenings of the film Addicted to Plastic offers another layer to this work.
Screenings; 31st May Tickle Park Coolum 6.30pm & 1st June Roberts House, Orchard Avenue, Boreen Point 7.30pm

Floating Land 2011 - work in progress Jan

The focus of my art practice and my installation at Coolum, address's ethnic and environmental issues along with the exploration of the upheavals of modernity; in this instance projected rising water levels and recent tsunami.

Floating Land - work in progress - Richard

'Life Line', is a sculpture that plays with the ambiguity of water as a life saver, and the controversy of water ownership, privatisation, and water transportation.

USC Exhibiton

Mayrah installation

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